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Garlic is NOT Safe For Cats

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Cats should never be given garlic in any form. Garlic is TOXIC to cats. Cats have very delicate internal systems, and can not tolerate many substances that humans or even dogs can tolerate, so always check with a vet or do VERY CAREFUL internet research before administering anything in your effort to help your kitty.

As pet owners, many of us use homeopathic approaches with great success when treating what ails us, so its natural to want to take care of our cats in the same way. But remember, as much as it often seems otherwise, cats are not little people! What's good for us isn't always good for kitty.

There are certainly some homeopathic remedies that can successfully be used on cats, but garlic is one that should never be administered to your feline companions. You cats deserve all the best care you can give them, so including natural remedies in their care along with proper medical care from a vet is encouraged, but always do your homework first.

Other remedies that can be toxic to cats, cause irreversible damage, and sometimes be fatal to cats include:


Tea tree oil (has been fatal to many cats) - has been used topically to control fleas, however if the cat - or another cat it comes in contact with - licks their fur or skin where the tea tree oil has been applied, it is extremely toxic when ingested.

Oil of Oregano - very useful for treating a variety of ailments in humans, but never administer to a cat as it is also very toxic to their delicate systems.

Aspirin - Unlike dogs, cats can NOT tolerate aspirin, and even a small amount can cause permanent health problems or even death

Pork - Ever notice that cat food never comes in pork flavor? Cats do not tolerate pork well and some will become very ill upon ingesting it; never give your cat pork (that includes bacon and ham).

Thank you for caring for your feline companions!

Cats: Garlic Not Safe For Cats
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